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Dealing with Stress

by Valerie DiVecchio 13. May 2009 10:31
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Let's face it... planning a special event, particularly a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah, can be very stressful.  Lots of decisions to make, appointments to go on, and as each day passes sometimes it seems like the things to do list can get longer as the time gets closer.  So how do you deal with the stress so not to lose your mind?  Well, everyone has to find their own solution.  For some it may be putting their event planner on speed dial (me!) as one client told me yesterday, for others it may be going to the gym and taking it out on the treadmill or weights, and for me it's yoga.

I discovered yoga about eight months ago.  My sister has been an advocate for yoga for a very long time, and she finally convinced me to give it a try.  It's not easy and sometimes I wonder what I must look like to an observer, but the great thing about yoga is that you learn to listen to your own body and you leave self-judgment at the door.  I know, I know... easier said than done!  But if you stick with it, it really does get easier.  It's one hour a week, or if you're lucky twice a week, that you get to concentrate on you and attempt to leave all of the worries, stresses and distractions behind.  I say "attempt" because for me that's the hardest part of doing yoga.  Although I found that it does get easier to do that because if you are standing on one foot, with the other in the air and nothing to hang onto... you will topple over if you lose your focus.   Been there, done that!

I strongly recommend to anyone embarking on a life changing adventure that he/she find a way to help alleviate the stress - whatever it may be.  And if yoga might be your thing, I have a great instructor located in South Tampa who offers a complimentary first-time class to see if it may or may not be a fit for you.  Send me an e-mail and I'm more than happy to provide you with her contact information!

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