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Here Comes the Rain!

by Valerie DiVecchio 5. June 2009 13:28
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As we all know, hurricane season started this week.  As for me, I'm very thankful we've been having some rain (my lawn was starting to look like straw with the City's sprinkler ban!)... as long as Mother Nature keeps it dry on the weekends.  But as much as I do my rain dances to keep the rain away when I have events, for some reason they don't always work!  That's when insurance comes into play.

If you're looking for a great deal in Florida, you look at our summer months to hold your special events.  Obviously there is some risk associated with that.. the two "H's" - heat and hurricanes.  With the heat, you can't do much about it - except turn up the air conditioning and stay inside.  With the hurricanes, well, you can't do much about those either except pray that they go somewhere else and get some peace of mind by purchasing event insurance.  These insurance policies, depending on the level you select, will usually compensate you for money lost if your venue closes due to an evacuation and the event has to be cancelled or postponed.  In addition, you can also purchase liability insurance which offers protection regarding alcohol-related accidents, property damage, bodily injury, as well as insurance for those venues that require you to have it just to hold your event there.

I highly recommend event insurance to my clients, particularly if they are having their event during the summer months, but it's not a bad idea to have anytime.  Often you will receive the best quote through your homeowner's insurance, but if they do not offer it you can try: or Traveler's Insurance.  It's just like health insurance... it's a good idea to have it, you just hope you don't have to use it!


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