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Something Borrowed, Something Chewed - Part 2

by Valerie DiVecchio 11. July 2009 14:07
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Okay, so you decided that maybe your dog(s) and/ or cat(s) might act like mine and potentially be a disaster at your wedding, but you still want to incorporate them in your special day.  There are ways to do that while your furry loved ones remain in the comfort of their own home.  According to "Healthy Pet" magazine, there are several ways to accomplish this:

1) Include your pet on the wedding invitation (I think it may be more appropriate to do this for the Save the Date Cards; invitations tend to be a little more formal)

2) In lieu of flowers, make a donation to an animal shelter on behalf of your guests (Or maybe in lieu of favors - see my blog on 'Favors with a Cause')

3) Let your pet add fun to the reception like naming the tables after different locations you have visited and displayed a photo with your dog at those places.

4) Add your pet as the cake topper or maybe make the grooms cake in the shape of your pet.

And I'll add one last one not in the magazine, include your pet in your engagement photo shoot.  Then use one of the photos as a signature board for your sign-in table.  Speaking from experience... if you have hyperactive pets, but sure to take them for long walks before the photo shoot starts to get them nice and tired.   And bring a squeaky toy for the photographer to get their attention.  After about 3 hours on our photo shoot we finally got one nice family picture!



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