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Obviously They Did Not Hire A Wedding Planner...

by Valerie DiVecchio 18. November 2009 11:37
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Trust me... it's not a good thing when your wedding makes the headline news.  A friend walked into my studio last week and handed me a copy of the TBT (Tampa Bay Times).  Huge red letters screamed, "WEDDING BASHERS:  It seemed like a lovely wedding.  The bride and groom said "I do" and headed to a restaurant on Rocky Point for the reception.  Who could have seen that it would end up with granny in a headlock, a guest taking a brick to the head and the bride in tears?".  Well, if they were looking for a memorable day, I don't think it can get more memorable than that...

So what started the melee?  Apparently as the reception was coming to an end, the groom was throwing dollar bills onto the dance floor for the kids to collect.  The article said that it's called "makin' it rain" in the rapper world.  One guest didn't like that (see, there is always someone you just can't make happy at every wedding!) and the groom and his brother decided to confront the guest.  Now had they hired a planner, he/she could have intervened on the groom's behalf, explained the culture and meaning and actually got the guest to come around.  Okay, maybe not... we're not miracle workers, you know.  Anyway, before you knew it there is a full fledge brawl happening and along came the police.

Upon the arrival of the police, it did not end there.  A brick was flying, punches were everywhere, and poor granny was getting choked out when she yelled at people to knock it off.  The fight spread out over 4 miles!!  So a guest decided to call a "friend" and inform him that his cousin was hit with a brick by the groom and his brother.  Per the TBT, this "friend" had a 20 page rap sheet and a stolen gun.  Well, not taking kindly to his cousin being hit by a brick, he decided to put in an appearance... and he didn't even bring a wedding present!  How rude. He proceeded to beat up the father of the groom while his date is the one who choked out granny. 

Finally the police got everything under control, arrests were made and the bride and her mother were upset and crying.  The groom - who by the way was just out of prison after serving a nine-month sentence on drug charges - was not arrested so they decided to go ahead with their honeymoon plans.  Grandma was the one who convinced them to go.  "Young people," granny said, "are so stupid these days".

All I can say is if the bride didn't see the red warning flags waving before the wedding... welcome to the family.




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