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Top 10 Mistakes of Wedding Planning

by Valerie DiVecchio 17. May 2012 16:07
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Planning a wedding can be a daunting and overwhelming task putting a lot of pressures on the couple-to-be just at the time they should be able to enjoy the celebration of their love and future life together.  It does not need to be that way.  To that end, Nina Callaway, has flagged ten frequent mistakes people make when planning their weddings as well as providing some suggestions on best ways of avoiding them. 

Mistake #1 - Couples often go into their planning process without a theme for their ceremony.  They usually end up with a ceremony that has a lack of personality. The best way to compensate for that is to settle on a theme reflecting what they want to share of their lives and aspirations.  To Divine Creations a theme for a wedding doesn't mean casino night or magical forest unless that speaks to you, but it can be as simple as the colors you incorporate or selecting food from places you have or want to travel.

Mistake #2 - This one has to do with financial planning and available resources.  Many people, Callaway argues, go into the wedding planning exercise having no clue of “the meaning of the word budget,” much less knowing how much they have or need for a successful ceremony within their means.  The best way to avoid headaches on this is to know your budget and what is important and what is not.  At Divine Creations we help our clients save money by negotiating their contracts because we are able to leverage our relationships with vendors and obtain better pricing for our clients.

Mistake #3 - Forgetting what a wedding really means.  One should keep in mind that the main event is the wedding ceremony; the reception afterward is just the celebration. Here at Divine Creations, we strive to help you reduce stress and free up some precious time so that you can prepare for your marriage and not just the big day.

Mistake #4 - Not identifying the master of your ceremony.  It will be useful to make sure that your personality meshes well with your choice of officiant and DJ or band leader.   At Divine Creations we will set up meetings with these indviduals so our clients can get a sense of their style and personality.  Afterall they are the ones with the microphone and if the sound of their voice is like nails on a chalkboard to you, that could be a problem!

Mistake #5 - The weather.  Many people simply do not give any thoughts as to the possibility of rain on their wedding day.  It is important to always plan for things going wrong (like rains or storms or hurricanes!), especially for those planning outdoor ceremonies.  At Divine Creations we always ensure that there is a back-up indoor location so the show can go on!

Next week I will share with you five more mistakes to round out the top 10 list.  If reading the first five mistakes give you heart palpitations, give Divine Creations a call so we can help you save time, stress and money!


5/21/2012 3:32:07 PM #

I made mistake #5 - planned an outdoor wedding with no back up location.
THANKFULLY the weather held - but it's so temperamental in Florida, that was just luck!

Tiffanie Kellog

6/1/2012 4:57:26 PM #

You definitely lucked out, Tiffanie!  Unfortunately the same can't be said for everyone.  I had a bride once who insisted in having her wedding ceremony outside - even though we had a back-up location inside.  We waited for a break in the rain, and then I ran outside to dry the chairs in order to get everyone seated so we could quickly try to get though the ceremony.  Half way through, the sky opened up and the guests went running.  We finished the ceremony inside.  Now if she had just taken the advice from the start, people wouldn't have been using the hot air dryers in the restrooms to dry themselves off!


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